Set Up The

SRF Automation

For Your E-commerce Brand

The SRF Automation is a chatbot developed to respond to and follow up your prospects in specific well-proven sales sequences in order to secure regular sales for your brand.

The Chatbot automatically follows up all potential customers that come in from your adverts to make sure they buy not just once but repeatedly. It also automatically stores the contact of your customers and potential customers as a backup for you.

CSS Benefits

We only work with E-commerce brands or service based businesses who sell their services in bundles and we provide them with the following benefits.

Utilize An Effective Sales Funnel

Get an expert-grade sales strategy developed specifically for your brand and built into the Chatbot's sales system.

Reduce New Client Acquisition Cost

We instruct clients step by step on how to run profitable advertising and other effective advertising strategy to reduce the cost of getting customers.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Our automation system is designed to sell to your customers over and over, making sure you get better ROI on your Ad spend.

Your SRF Chatbot's Features


Automatic Sales

The SRF Automation responds to prospects that come in through the adverts you run for your business to bring new customers for your brand while also repeatedly selling to all your existing customers.


Automatic Follow Up

Using well-proven e-commerce sales strategies, we'll develop your Chatbot to not just automatically reply but also follow up your customers and prospects as frequently as necessary without any adverse effect on them.


Automatic Backup

Secure Your business against social media account loss or theft. Even If your phone Is stolen, the Chatbot keeps a backup of the contacts of all your customers and prospective customers.


The Best Packages for Our Clients

The Chatbot Sales Staff runs on a monthly basis. Choose a package to start with for your E-commence brand

Basic Plan


Per month

Standard Plan


Per month

Advanced Plan


Per month

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